Park Lane Holiday Parks

BIG4 Traralgon Park Lane Holiday Park - Coffee Bar

Here at BIG4 Traralgon Park Lane Holiday Park, we are brewing with excitement for our newly renovated kiosk and reception office. Featuring a brand new coffee bar and deck, you'll now be able to enjoy a freshly made barista beverage during your next visit to Park Lane Traralgon!

This eight-week project has seen walls demolished, flooring replaced, counter tops moved and painting completed....

BIG4 Shepparton Park Lane Holiday Park - Toddler with Cows

"Let’s go for a weekend away", is what many people may say on a Wednesday night after they have had a full on day at work. Realising a weekend away is exactly what the family needs.

That was the conversation between my wife, Tash, and I after we had put our little one, Charli, to sleep for the night. We were after a weekend away to a place that we hadn’t travelled to before as a family. The location we landed upon was Shepparton.

Our next challenge was that we were after...

BIG4 Bendigo Park Lane Holiday Park Indoor Play Centre Ball Pit

Have you ever thought "what am I going to do with the kids this weekend or school holidays?" I can certainly say that question comes across my mind probably most weeks as I am sitting down watching some form of an award-winning Australian TV drama (as they say).

The answer to all your school holiday questions is the giant 4-level indoor play centre located at BIG4 Bendigo Park Lane Holiday Park. He's a...