The Evolution of a Caravan Park

Australian’s are known for their laid-back attitude and their love of the great outdoors. So it's little surprise that caravan parks and camping sites have always been an Aussie tradition for many decades. Still to this day, the caravan and camping lifestyle is only increasing in popularity with holidaymakers.

In days gone by, to some, there was a certain stigma attached to caravan parks as they were seen as a little on the bland and basic side. Large blocks of land filled with caravans and tents, accompanying public toilets, shared shower areas and not much else. While some would say “affordable” others would describe as “cheap”. However, the reality is that the humble caravan park has now evolved into a warm, welcoming and often luxurious five-star experience, particularly for travelling families.

The desire of parents wanting to get their kids off their tablets and back amongst the great outdoors has played a significant part in the direction of caravan parks offerings. This trend has seen caravan parks undergo impressive upgrades and increased standards when is comes to customer experiences. Investing in new attractions and facilities, to provide a unique experience to travellers alike, the old and rundown caravan parks are quickly becoming a thing of the past, making way for Holiday Resort style parks.

Swimming Pools, Pedal Go-Karts and Jumping Cushions quickly became standard inclusions when it came to in-park facilities. The benefits of choosing a Holiday Park as your preferred style of accommodation, are the diverse ranges of facilities you can come across on your travels. The last 5 years has seen both unique and exciting attractions introduced in parks such as 18-Hold Mini Golf, Splash Pads, High Rope Courses and Indoor Play Centres. Facilities such as these created not only a space that families can enjoy together, however a level of convenience with everything in the one location. One could compare Holiday Parks to cruise ships, without the sea sickness! A one-stop-shop holiday that provides a spacious cabin for your family to enjoy, along with the all the entertainment at your fingertips.

Over the years, parks have increased their number of on-site cabins. Many of these cabins have completely gone next-level by offering a much superior level of comfort and beautiful décor. Complementing the often-stunning surrounds. New styles that immerse into the landscape 3 and 2 bedroom cabins, decked out with beautiful interiors that would give the judges from The Block the wobbles. Glamping (“Glamorous-Camping”) is also becoming popular option within Holiday Parks, with operators adding luxury five-star safari tents complete with lounge and dining areas.

With all of these amazing facilities and exciting experiences to enjoy in a Holiday Park, it would be such a sorry situation to indulge in all of this while your four-legged friends are left behind. Keeping your fur babies at home or in a kennel is never fun as you wave goodbye and they look at you longingly with their puppy-dog eyes. Well, great news, because thankfully many holiday parks these days are completely dog friendly. Providing an inclusive trip for all members of the travelling troupe- no matter what the species. Believe it or not, some parks even have Doggie Day Care, so you can head off to other attractions knowing your pooch will be well looked after while you’re away enjoying other adventures in the local area. What more could you ask for!?

As you can tell the humble caravan park has come a long, long way. Even back when I was a kid, although they were a lot more basic, the caravan parks were so much fun. Kids being kids, running around all day checking out the basketball courts, table tennis and playing in the pool. Making new friends and creating fun childhood memories. This culture is still very much part of the modern-day holiday park. The difference is now there is SO much more on offer.

So when planning your next holiday destination and if you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, somewhere to get your kids back outdoors and entertained with fun activities, where people can choose to connect with fellow holidaymakers, make new friends, share stories and look forward to coming back the following year … then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than a brilliant, new-look holiday park. Give it a go! You won't be disappointed. And, after all, it’s an Aussie tradition!