Five Aussie foods to enjoy while on holiday

sausage in bread

Australia is home to its fare share of sweet and savory delights. With the Australia Day public holiday not too far away, don’t let it pass you by without getting stuck into some of these seriously ‘fair-dinkum’ foods that you can enjoy even while on your holiday.

Australian Meat Pie.

These hearty parcels of delicious hit Aussie shores in 1788 and well, the rest is history. Just like Americans  enjoy a hotdog at the baseball, Aussies love a meat pie at the footy or on their next camping adventure.

Of course, you could hunt down a local bakery and grab a pie of your liking or you could try your luck at  a  camp pie. Sure, it might not be a traditional Aussie beef pie, but isn’t camping about adventures and  trying  something new?!


This square butter cake dipped in chocolate and covered in desiccated coconut is said to be first invented in Queensland as early as 1900. Much like our pavlova dessert counterpart, the lamington is controversial as some say its Australian and others say it first came from New Zealand.

Whatever your point of view, it can’t be argued that not only are they cheap and easy to make, but they make the perfect sweet treat to take along with you on your next holiday. The added bonus is they keep for up to one week in an air tight container. Which means, you don’t have to share them with fellow campers before they go stale. Although, it’s unlikely you’ll have any left by then to share anyway. Feel like making these ahead of time? Check out this traditional lamington recipe.


An acquired taste it might be but this yeast extract food spread has been a staple in Aussie kitchens since 1923. Be it on toast for breakfast or a cheese and Vegemite sandwich, Vegemite makes the perfect travel buddy for everyone. But if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, check out these Vegemite ideas.

Tim Tams

Ahh Tim Tams. A two layered chocolate biscuit that can only be eaten by biting off one end and using it as a straw in your hot drink. We like to call this a Tim Tam Slam; perfect for sharing with friends and family over a camp fire and a good yarn. According to Culture Trip, Tim Tam biscuits are found in one in every two Aussie homes, consuming approximately 45 million packets of the Arnotts biscuits per year. Add the serenity of your surroundings and I’d say that’s one damn good holiday.

Sausage in bread

Okay, okay! We couldn’t leave this one off the list. Half of us can’t even make a trip to Bunnings without buying one, let alone forget to pack these in with our holiday food staples. If the accommodation you’re staying in doesn’t have a fridge and you don’t have an Esky handy, then that’s okay. Our camp kitchens have you covered. No holiday or Australia Day is complete without a sausage in bread.

But the real question is, do the onions go on the bread first, before the sausage and sauce or after?