Splashing Good Time!

BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park - Parky's Water Park

What do you get when you combine a giant inflatable water park and a stunning natural lake, set amongst the hills of the Yarra Valley? A whole of lot of summer FUN!

That is certainly the case out at BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park. The most recent addition to the holiday park has everything you need for an afternoon full of splashes and smiles!

Your session will begin with an easy to follow safety briefing where you are also provided with a buoyance aid (similar a life vest). Then after the serious stuff is done, it’s time for some fun.

To access the structure, you'll be guided by a safety lifeguard to swim approximately 10 metres from the bank of the lake. By fully immersing youself into the water straight off the bat, this will add to the fun while you slip and slide your way around the obstacles! Falling off the structure is all part of the experience, so get ready to jump in, slide in and launch into the lake one way or another!

Once on the water park, you can make your way to the left or right. The obstacles to the left are classed as the “easier and relaxed” obstacles. This can be a great place to start with our flat and simple challenges being the Hurdle, Deck, Curve, Slide and Slope. You may find yourself falling in the water as you work your way around, but keep trying new strategies and you'll be a balancing pro in no time!

Once you have mastered the easier obstacles, it's time to head to the right side of the water park for the ultimate athletic quest! With obstacles called The Action Tower, The Cliff, The Monkey Bars and The Launch Pad, you just instantly know you’re going to have a blast!

There are two ways to make your way up The Action Tower, either walking up with a rope or grasping onto handles. From the top, you can take in fantastic view of the water park and lake surrounds. But what goes up, must come down. Take the massive slide down into the lake or simply jump off the 3 metre edge. There is nothing quite like that free-fall feeling, only to be caught by the water with a massive splash!

Parky's Water Park - Kids Climbing Action Tower


The Launch Pad. Enjoy the experience of being catapulted into the lake by someone jumping on the opposite end of the air-pillow. Some serious good fun! It may take a few goes to seat yourself in the right spot for maximum height. Once you get your positioning right ... buckle up and enjoy the flight!

With sessions running for 60 minutes, you'll find our water park both exciting and physically exhausting. Awaking the not only your inner child, but the muscles you didn't know you had! So strap on your buoyancy aid and prepare to take the challenge on our giant inflatable water park at Park Lane Yarra Valley!

BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park - Parky's Water Park - The Launch


Tips for our Inflatable Water Park:

  • Get there 10mins before your session starts.
  • You can wear normal bathers, but just remember you’ll be running, slipping, jumping around.
  • Sunscreen. Make sure to apply as the there is little to no shade on the structure.
  • A buoyancy aid is provided and there will at least be x2 lifeguards on duty
  • Pay attention to the safety briefing and follow the rules, that way everyone has a great time!
  • Minimum age/height requirement is 7 years old and 110cm (you must be both).
  • Kids 7-12yo must be accompanied by an adult on the water park (one per child).
  • Kids 13 -15yo must be supervised by an adult.
  • Prepare yourself to wipe-out a lot!
  • Have fun while you’re out there

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