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Finding time to do activities with your toddler, let alone deciding where to spend that time, may be challenging. Park Lane Play recognises that parents need time to interact with their children and provides "Tiny Tots" sessions on Wednesdays from 9 am to 1 pm in Bendigo and Traralgon. During this exclusive access, you and your little...

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Five tips to making packing up from your holiday a breeze!

No one likes reaching the end of their holiday. The post-holiday blues kicks in before you’ve even checked out. Packing up your belongings is the last thing on your mind, and chances are, you’ll leave it to the last minute. It can be a mad rush particularly if you’re keen to get on the road and make it home in good time. Whether you’re caravanning, camping or staying in another type of accommodation, we’ve put...

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Your holiday is booked. As you wait in anticipation for that day to come, you remember you still have one of the worst jobs to do before you leave. That’s right. Packing the car. It can be stressful. Tempers wear thin. And the opinions of by standers watching you pack become a little too much. Their ‘helpful’ comments aren’t helpful. The next thing you know, your much anticipated holiday hasn’t had the happy start you were hoping.

But that’s okay. Because we have some helpful tips...

french toast
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Everything about being on holiday is an adventure. Why should barbecue cooking be any different? Don’t limit yourself to a snag on the barbe. Get fired up with these top 10 picks that are sure to work up your appetite.

Starting with the most important meal of the day. Breakfast. Sure, you could take the easy way out and pour yourself a bowl of cereal. But where’s the fun in that? You need pancakes. But not just any pancakes. Banana Bread Pancakes.


sausage in bread
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Australia is home to its fare share of sweet and savory delights. With the Australia Day public holiday not too far away, don’t let it pass you by without getting stuck into some of these seriously ‘fair-dinkum’ foods that you can enjoy even while on your holiday.

Australian Meat Pie.

These hearty parcels of delicious hit Aussie shores in 1788 and well, the rest is history. Just like Americans  enjoy a hotdog at the baseball, Aussies love a...

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Dunno about you, but when it’s this cold during winter there’s nothing I love more than a freshly baked treat and if you’re travelling to one of our parks this winter, we didn’t want you to miss out on some of the best going around!

Bakeries are just the solution for quick lunches when juggling the kids after a long drive, so we asked some of our park managers and employees to share their hot tips on just where to find the best local bakeries.


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Australian’s are known for their laid-back attitude and their love of the great outdoors. So it's little surprise that caravan parks and camping sites have always been an Aussie tradition for many decades. Still to this day, the caravan and camping lifestyle is only increasing in popularity with holidaymakers.

In days gone by, to some, there was a certain stigma attached to caravan parks as they were seen as a little on the bland and basic side. Large blocks of land filled with...

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The good old holiday drive as many remembered before the iPad was always long and maybe boring, the repetitive question of “are we there yet?” coming up maybe every 10 minutes after only 30 minutes from leaving home. And while modern technology may put a bit of a silencer in the back seat there is nothing more fun than enjoying a good old car game to get you to or from your destination.

Here are some of our favourite car games:

I Spy - Find the thing...