Pet Friendly

At Park Lane Holiday Parks, we understand that your pets are a part of the family! That’s why our Bendigo, Shepparton and Traralgon holiday parks are pet friendly with designated pet friendly cabins to accommodate you and your furry friends.

Please note: Due to the natural wildlife in Yarra Valley, this holiday park is not pet friendly.

For the comfort of all our guests, we ask that the following pet rules be adhered to when staying at a Park Lane Holiday Park with your pet:

  • All pets (large and small) must be kept on a hand leash at all times whilst in the park.
  • Dogs must be exercised within allocated grassed area, please see reception for confirmation of areas.
  • All sites and surrounds must be kept clean of animal droppings. Droppings must be disposed of appropriately (bagged and binned).
  • No pet may be left unattended at anytime.
  • Pets are not permitted inside the park play facilities, amenities block, swimming pool area, camp kitchens or reception area at any time.
  • In consideration of your neighbors and other guests within the park, excessive barking is to be controlled by the owner of the pet in order to reduce the noise.
  • When choosing to stay at Park Lane Holiday Parks with your pet, the pet owners agree and take full responsibility of any personal injury or damaged caused by their pet whilst within the holiday and are responsible for any claims of compensation in relation to the pets activities.
  • Acceptance of any pet is at the discretion of the Business Managers.